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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Generations four...

Sometime after 1920. My Grandmother Muriel Dunn Thompson. (holding my Aunt Mary Margaret Thompson) My Great grandmother Ida May Converse Dunn. My Great Great Grandmother, Mrs H.S. Converse born Elizabeth Bhar January 18,1853.

Earlier in the year I worked very hard on a family project. Going over more than a hundred plus years of family history..
No small task believe me.

Many of the letters I have are so very interesting One by my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Converse written October 21, 1948 when she was 95 years old. Now I never met her but I feel so close to her after going over all of this material. She sounds so sweet....The letter is old yellow and her handwriting at her age is hard to make out.

Her letter reads:

Great Bend Kansas , Oct. 21 1948

Dear Ida and Grand Children, received the lovely gifts. Sure do thank you one and all. Sure was fine. I am not very well but thankful I can eat and sleep. I get so lonesome and am glad you can all go. We are having cold weather....sure takes the gas. Edna is sure having time with her feet . She goes to the Doctor to have them treated, cost her 5 dollars..... It sure cost to be sick.... I am glad I have some money to pay...
It won't be long till X-mas I am glad you can be with your dear ones. I am writing this without glasses...Ain't no good, I hope you can read this scribbling. I am quite nervous, if we never meet here on Earth We want to meet in Heaven. God Bless you all my dear ones.

Your Old mother 95 years
Please answer, I love to get your letters..

I know this sounds so sad...but to me it's very interesting... she lived to be 99 years old.

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