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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A good hair day?

It's interesting sometimes when you think that the now is all that there is and the past is long gone and hasn't any clue just what you are doing in today's world, or how tough times have gotten. But I don't really think that they're all that tough.
Not to long ago, I found a faded yellow envelope. Upon opening it and looking inside, problems that seemed overwhelming, and things that seemed out of place or just to tough to take just faded away... My family has a strong hardworking background and has always been an inspiration. I have no idea what reason someone decided to take my Grandmothers hair and place it in an envelope. But, whatever that reason was My Grandmother paid me a visit in an extraordinary way today.... My Grandmother was born in 1898, and who died in 1989.

My Grandmother Muriel Dunn Thompson's hair. I found in an envelope with her name on it. "Muriel Dunn's Hair" She was born in 1898. I have no idea just how old this is...

My Grandmother at age 10. In 1908 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA.

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