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Monday, March 2, 2009


I was up late reading some very old letters last night. This morning I sat down at the computer and found this biography on line of my Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Bahr (Mrs H.S. Converse) brother William D. Bahr.

Well, I had fun trying to decipher the generations and just where each name fell in the grand scheme of things. I wrote more about it all

William and Mary

WILLIAM D. BAHR, one of the well-known and progressive farmers of Sullivan county, where he has lived during his entire life as one of its most respected citizens, was born May 13, 1849, a son of Daniel and Mary (Graifly) Bahr, of Berks county, Pennsylvania. His
education was obtained in the common schools of Cherry township, after which he made his home with his parents until twenty-five years of age, when he was married and took up his residence on the place where he now lives. This property he purchased from his father and at that time it was but partially cleared.He at once began making improvements and in the course of a few years had the property under excellent cultivation, had built himself a comfortable home and to-day is classed among the well-to-do and up-to-date farmers of his
locality. He held the office of school director for six years, and has always taken a great interest in the cause of
education as well as other questions of the day affecting the growth and welfare of the community. He is a
member of Dushore Lodge, I. O. O. F., at Dushore; belongs to the Evangelical church, and in political belief is a Republican.

Mr. Bahr was united in marriage February 6, 1873, to Miss Mary A. Zaner, who was born in Cherry township, November 9, 1853, a daughter of A. H. Zaner, of Dushore, whose sketch will be found on another page. Three children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Bahr: Clayton A., who married Miss Carrie Bradley and is farming in Cherry township; Warden and Sherman Z., who are at their parental home.

Daniel Bahr, the father of our subject, came to Sullivan county with his parents when eight years of age. They settled in Cherry township, where his mother died in 1863, aged thirty-two years. His father remained in Cherry township until 1892, when he went to Bradford county, to reside with his son Lewis. He was a well-known citizen of this county and was school director for two terms.He was twice married, and by his first wife had seven children, as follows: William D., subject of this sketch; Wesley, deceased; Elizabeth, now Mrs. Henry Converse, and living in Great Bend, Kansas; Ada, who married George Dieffenbach, and is deceased; Celestia, deceased;

Lewis M. Bahr ran this store for more than 50 years
in Hollenback PA,North-east of Muncie Indiana. He opened it in 1884.
He was the Brother of my Great Great Grandmother Elizebeth Bahr (Mrs. H.S. Converse)From Dushore PA.

Lewis M. Bahr, taken April 13, 1934 for The Daily Review , Towanda PA. Newspaper hales my Great Great Grandmothers brother as an Unusual Man. He'd ran the store for more than 50 years buying it in 1884 after the owner had died. In those days Hollenback PA was a busy place, timber mills, saw mills etc. Later farmers and such. He was postmaster for 20 years. And Justice of the Peace for 18 years. Called a square dealing arbiter of local disputes. His decisions were accepted as fair and final.

Lewis; and Daniel, who resides in Sylvania. His second wife was Miss Margaret Zaner, who died in 1885, aged thirty-six years, leaving one child, George.

The paternal grandparents of our subject were John and Mary A. (Reeser) Bahr, of Berks county, Pennsylvania, where they lived until 1834, when they came to Sullivan county, locating in Cherry township.Mr. Bahr accumulated a large property and was an influential man. He died October 27, 1855, at the age of seventy-two years, four months and twenty-four days, his wife surviving him for thirteen years, dying June 3, 1868, and reaching the good old age of eighty-one years, five months and eighteen days.They were members of the Evangelical church.

This biography was written at a web page. I found on line. After sitting up half the night reading letters written by my Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Bahr (Mrs. H.S. Converse) Mother to my Great Grandmother Ida May Converse (Mrs. George Washington Dunn) Mother to my Grandmother Muriel A. Dunn (Mrs Daniel Thompson) Mother to my Father Donald Thompson.

Ida Converse( Dunn), 1918
My Great Grandmother

Muriel A. Dunn (Thompson), 1916
My Grandmother

Donald Thompson around 1944
My Dad

What I was reading were letters written in 1893 and 1898 the year my Grandmother was born. The letters were addressed from Mrs. H.S. Converse to her daughter Ida M Converse then living in Great Bend Kansas.

These letters always amaze me. What great handwriting the people had years ago. I wish I could write as well as they did.

Now I suppose if I read this correctly William D. Bahr was brother to my Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Bahr.

Mr and Mrs H.S. Converse
Elizabeth Bahr Converse, and Henry Steven Converse.

Their Father Daniel Bahr was my Great Great Great Grandfather. And the names listed at the bottom of the biography, John and Mary A.(Reeser) Bahr were my Great Great Great Great Grandparents. who here described, were from Berks County PA and in 1834 moved to Sullivan County PA. Cherry Township. John Bahr was born 1783, Died 1855. His wife Mary was born 1787 and died in 1868.

It's amazing reading, Sitting here learning all this. It makes a
person just want to know more and more about their family history.


  1. Hello cousin "RODAN", H. S. Converse and Elizabeth Bahr Converse were my great great uncle and aunt. My great grandfather, was E.M. Converse, Henry's brother. They were from a family of 16 children in Sullivan Co. PA. Their parents were Joseph Jr. and Nancy Ann (Rittenhouse or Redenhouse) Converse. I was four years old when Aunt "Lizzie", known to many others as "Granny Con", died about six weeks from her 100th birthday. I remember her dark flashing eyes and sitting on her bed at Nulf's Convelescent Home in Larned, KS. My aunt, Ruth Converse Powell, was her daughter-in-law, and took care of her. Aunt Ruth was my mother's sister, and married my grandfather's first cousin, H. Dewey Converse, 13th and last child of H.S.and Elizabeth. Dewey died of appendicitis and she married 2nd, Dr. Thomas Powell, twenty years later. Henry Stephen and Elizabeth are buried in a country cemetary only a few miles from their farm in Stafford County, KS. I decorate it every Memorial Day. I wonder if you tried to contact me about 12 years ago? Someone in your family in Arizona or California e-mailed me and I accidently deleted it. I was so sorry to never find him back. If you had listed your e-mail, I would correspond. I found this site as I was looking for information for Joseph Converse, Jr.'s, brother, Henry Converse, who married Martha worthington. Your third cousin, Carole

    1. This was so fun to read... I too am looking for information about the Joseph Converse Jr family, especially Nancy Ann Rittenhouse and Joseph's parents. I have a list of all their children's names, you know they had 16, one died (Hanna) just before Nancy passed away. I enjoy the stories and pictures; please email me so we can swap info. I didn't know Henry's wife was Elizabeth so glad to find her. thanks

  2. Wow! Carole... you didn't send me your email address... I WAS SHOCKED AND SURPRISED To get your message this morning. How very nice! Yes it must have been me that tried to contact you all those years ago. I am so happy to actually hear from anyone on family history. let alone someone who actually got to meet Lizzy. I actually have some old home movies I intend on converting to video very soon. I love all that stuff. perhaps I'll post some of that on the internet.

    Please write me when you get the chance.

    Here's my email address,

    Love to know more.
    All my very best to you cousin!
    RODAN aka known as
    Robert Daniel Thompson

  3. Dear Robert, I did not know if I should put my e-mail address on the internet, so I will now e-mail you directly. Carole

  4. Cousin... was thinking about you today. I remember the last time we exchanged messages you were kind of sad.
    I hope things are well with you now or better.

    All my love