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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Funny Hit's and Misses

While going through some friends posts on Facebook this afternoon. I thought some of the videos mostly the political ones quite memorable. All funny.

First one was a Democratic Paid for video which they obviously put a lot of effort into. "Stop Jan Brewer before it's too late! "28 Days Later" (in Arizona) Parody"
Can't say I thought much of the message but it was interesting to watch.
I could have said the same thing about Terry Goddard. It's not that 
original an idea. So, I'm still voting for Brewer.

The second one titled "Arizona" by Brian Haner This one was a very well done Political Statement also. Oh I think it could be called a little bit politically incorrect. We conservatives aren't allowed to go down that road. IT'S RESTRICTED.

How'd he sand up on the back of that car? Hmmm....

The third, I have to say the funny of the day goes to Phillippe Raynaud of France. I have a craving for some of Mom's Banana Pudding now. Thanks Phillippe, I got a kick out of this one! I did not know of Henri before Phillippe posted this video. Love to see  more of his comedy. He's my kind of funny.

I'm a Henri Salvador convert now.

Juanita Banana - Henri Salvador (1966)

More tomorrow....

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  1. How funny effectively it is---
    Tnank you to have honoured this artist among the treasures of your website.
    It is very kind---