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Monday, October 4, 2010

Ella in the Evening...

Ella in September 2006

The past 4 years have rushed by so quickly.... It's sure been a memorable time. I'll focus now on one of the highlighted accomplishments. Ella...

She's sure grown a lot. When Omar came along I thought he was the best thing. He still is though some would disagree.... Omar isn't the cutest of Umbrellas....(he plucks) but his attitude and love for his surroundings and in his own way I think he's happy. But Ella, she's a joy right now. I know that could change (I hope not) But she is an Umbrella...nothing is sure with these birds. Xavier and I worked so hard taking care of her when we got her in September of 06. Ella was UGLY as a chick. (The breeder gave us an "ugly feather" discount) Though it was from his neglect more than anything. Ella was probably a second hatch in a clutch. Umbrellas will only care for one of their chicks. So Ella was not cared for by her parent Umbrellas. So the "breeder" in Tucson AZ should have taken her out and took better care of her... he let the parent's mistreat her under-nourish her and abuse her by plucking her feathers....she was in real sad state by the time Xavier and I came along. We worked hard with her feeding her and loving her... Well here she is
Check out the slide show of her progress.. A real mini survivor episode.... ENJOY.

And so now, four years later Ella has all of her feathers... plays constantly and loves pestering Kylie her chum and future mate. They're quite the couple. 

Ella does not like the camera...


  1. Too precious. Oh my...our Little Mama has come such a long way. I'm so happy we kept her. xo

  2. Our Little Ella has been such a joy. She's twirlin' about on her perch right now. xoxo