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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Request the pleasure of your company.

n March of 1994, I had been working for the Actress Joan Fonatine for about a month... I'd moved in to my bungalow right under her library overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I'd gotten use to "The Boys" (her gang of five rescued dogs from the Humain Society) Muldoon a huge Alaskan Husky who had been mistreated and beaten before he'd had the luck to wind up in the kennels and then in the pristine care of Ms. Fontaine. Then there were three other dogs a German Shepherd and a Sitter mix...and Paco a blind Dachshund. You might say that's only four...But Muldoon was so big I always said I counted him twice.... Those guys were just amazing pets.

Now I am targeting March because I remember that it was about this time of the year that I was cleaning out her closets in the den. She'd asked me to go through them and carefully sort out the items and see what we could through out. I arranged things in piles, and continued to clean up the closets. There were about five large closets stuffed so that you could barely open the folding doors. As I was going through them, there were furs in varying stages of decay (some dried out and not suitable to wear. Some were still quite nice. There were also a few stage costumes. fancy items and odd assortment of shoes. I remember asking her about a few of them.
She'd say out or in..and I put them aside or hung them back up.

One particular item was a very odd looking dress made from cords and knots...It use to be white. I could tell. But now it was yellow with a few spots of orange. Time had taken it's toll on this very unique item. I held it up and it was a mess. It looked like some old fishing net. As I continued to hold it up. I spread it out to see just how big this thing was.
I asked her then... What about this? Oh! She said...What do you think? She asked me.. I wore it to a party once she said.. That was it. Then she added.. Better through it out... I almost complied.... Then I thought for some reason I couldn't. And I said... It's not that bad.. Just yellow with age. I think a dry cleaner worth his salt might be able to bring some life back into it. So I carefully put it back. And continued on with my work. Not thinking much about it again. A few years ago... I was watching a Biography episode about the life of Truman Capote. And low and behold, when they came to describe what was the Social Event of the Decade. There was Joan Fontaine arriving by limo in front of the Newsreels adorned with that fishnet of a dress. I thought to myself wow... I held that dress in my hands and was either savior OR trashman of an almost iconic artifact from the Social Event of the Decade of my birth....

Well I just thought I'd share that with you. If you click on the photo you can see a slide show from that party witch Lady Fontaine wore the dress of which I speak.


Now I included a few links above. There you will find a list of all those who attended the famous party in 1966. And if you click on the photo you'll see the slideshow I mentioned. Enjoy.

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