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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well the weekend is here. Wednesday at work I shot a story for Lissette. She had to anchor so I was heading out alone. The story was a press conference being held by the City of Mesa's Chief of Police to bring to light events going on within the police department. There were two seperate events he wanted to talk about. One where an individual was kind of roughed up by an arresting officer. It was all caught on tape and the thing didn't look that bad. The guy was kind of shoved down on the trunk of the car and then moved to the side of the building. I couldn't see any beating or any really rough treatment. And the guy in his mugshot was kind of smiling not just a few minutes later. So that wasn't much... The second event the chief wanted to talk about was a call the police got to respond to a hotel where a lady had had a miscarriage ... long story short she went to the hospital and the police simply flushed the 4" fetus down the toilet. YUK!

Tuesday I worked with VHR and we did a story on a west valley homicide...some guy shot his longtime girlfriends 26 year old daughter. He fled the scene but was caught later. Later that evening I edited a cute story for Friday's 5PM show. A young high school athlete was graduating and wanted to study music... he worked as a DJ. I liked how that story turned out.

Friday went well... did a story on how Hispanic people here in the valley are learning their rights and how to deal with immigration issues. Plain and simple story. I like that.

Well it's Saturday. I slept late. But have to work later this evening.
Can't wait for my weekend to begin...

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