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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time 1965

I came across some old home movies not long ago and thought I'd put up a few snippits here to share with the family.

First one is Christmas Morning 1965. My brothers Lee and Dana and I awake to explore the Christmas tree and it's new fruit. We all look so happy with what Santa Brought. What a happy time.

Christmas 1965, Me and my big brothers from RODAN on Vimeo.

The memories of so many Christmas pasts are such treasures. Each holiday season we all meet together (when possible) and touch hands around the dinner table... Old hands touch new younger hands passing down the traditions and stories of Christmas's gone by. I cherish each one and pray for many more. But the special meaning of the time is Love and Gifts. We never know which Christmas guests will make it to the next one. Each one is so special and a blessing.

As we gather around the Christmas Table and touch hands let us remember the Christmas's gone by and spread the joy and happiness to the young ones who will carry on the traditions.


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