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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The weekend before...

The weekend was a very good one.. slow going due to a nasty bug... but all in some shopping in and had a nice Sunday relaxing at home... X and I went out shopping for some jeans and a few scarves and gloves. When we got back home we spoke about the coming week and some plans. X did a few Christmas cards which is what I need to do. I hope I can get them done this week. I made dinner baked a chicken in the oven and made a salad. Then done it looked tasty but I decided to make toasted cheese/club sandwiches. Tasty diner. Xavier went off to bed or a long nap...I went to do the front bedroom. It desperately needed attention. Dust-bunnies under the bed were getting big...needed to send them on their way. I flipped the mattress and sorted through some old papers and letters which were years old. Tossed the rubbish washed sheets changed the bed and vacuumed.I know I should have done this earlier in the day but I seem to get my burst of energy late in the day, I suppose due to my late work schedule which is 2 - 11pm Mon-Fri.

While cleaning the room I put on my favorite web radio programs from WWW.OTRCAT.COM
I love the website because I can listen to old radio plays from the 30 and 40's with some of the very best Hollywood stars. I was able to find Joan Fontaine in Ninotchka. It was so entertaining to hear and the radio drama was so professionally produced it felt as if I were watching a movie but in my head while I was cleaning. What a different way of entertaining yourself. You can't get that type of entertainment these days. I highly recommend it. Well I need to shower and finish up a couple of things and get ready for Monday work. ~adios~

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