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Saturday, January 2, 2010

From 1927

It's not much to really read unless you knew my Grandmother and were familure with the things she's talking about. But to me (and I didn't come along until much much later.) I know and understand just what she's talking about. Here, she is writing to her Mother, and sisters, Blanch, Florence and Helen. They were living in Liberal, Kansas in 1927. George is her brother who she's talking about towards the end.
I can read a letter of her's and hear her voice and feel her feelings as if she's in the room with me now. It makes me feel good to share these moments within my journal... I hope you enjoy.
Duncan Okla-
Oct-8th 1927

Dear Mother & all,

Should have written before now- But, we have been real busy. We sold our place while we had a buyer- (They had been living in Ryan, Oklahoma. My Grandfather worked for Halliburton Company. And just moved to Duncan where the company had it's headquarters.) we sold it for $500.00. More than we paid for it- & the payments we made on it since march is ours clear too- So we made $650.00 on that deal- Not bad- We were going to remodel that place but it would cost about $650.00 then it wouldn't be what we would want- We don't like the south part of town either, they are building in the n.w. part- there has been more cute new houses being built this summer-- but none in this part- So, we intend to build soon. Maybe not until spring - We struck it lucky too! Got a good house (A rented house for the winter.) just across from where we was - Pay $30.00, houses are scarce. No desirable houses vacant and this is close to Dan's work for this winter- A plastered house - Fireplace- Bookcase- Built in Features- (I'm presuming she means a bathroom.)

Muriel and her awkward piano.

Well, I sold my piano- Got tired of moving it around - Couldn't play anything on it, so out of tune & pedal wouldn't work- Well it shure needed a lot of work done to it. Then wouldn't be anything... Going to get a midgett or a grand, when we get into our home. These new midgetts are just 3 ft. 10 inches high- The music store just got a car load of them in the other day-- $350.00 piano for $295.00, nice looking after seeing your piano & then mine just looked awful- Mine's so tall and awkward looking- We moved last Saturday morning about 7:30 in the morning- just got moved and then it started to rain. And it rained all day long- So we was just lucky all around-
It has been a rainy week here and turned cold- Has been a beautiful day today- if it is pretty tomorrow we will go to Ryan. Haven't been down there in 3 or 4 Sundays- I haven't heard from George since we were there. So they have moved again- guess I will have to wait then- they sure won't write out of their town-
I have made Mary M- 5 dresses with long sleeves- 3 with bloomers to match- I have got to make her some white bloomers.

Mary M- and bloomers...?

Well this weather sure bad on the farmers who have cotton- I hope the frost don't get your crops- But spect frost i snot far away- They say Oklahoma will have frost in less than two weeks.

Blanch, you ask if I knew a cute way to make a velvet dress. I haven't paid much attention to the fashions lately- I know I see lots of velvet & saten or crepe combined. I would like to have a black velvet dress myself- I want to go to the City & get myself a pair of shoes and hat and Mary M- shoes and hat to match her coat.- get cute things in the City- Dan has to have a new suit too..

Guess you read about Chickasha Okla having 2 & 3 ft of water in Main Street- the basement's of all businesses, houses filled with water. They had a cloud burst near Chickasha. It's about 50 miles north of Duncan Ok and Oklahoma City is 40 miles from Chickasha. Sure had a tornado in St. Louis Mo. wasn't it?

How's Florence and her school comming along- She has a birthday the 20th.-- Don't know what in the world to get her. Can you tell me something?

I bet Helen's coat is pretty-- I'm going to have my spring coat cleaned and wear it this winter. I don't go anywhere much to wear a coat. In a closed car a person don't have to wrap up so much...

Well guess I will stop this time -- Don't wait so long to write me..

Lot's of Love

I remember sitting on the back porch and having this photo taken by my Mom. The back porch of the home she wrote about in 1927..And had built that next spring.
I always find these letters interesting. It amazes me how for granted we take things these days. I can't imagine making my own clothes, let alone underwear. And even back then riding around in a closed car was a new experience for most people. Well she left so many to read through that I just thought I'd share one. My Mom and Dad will get a kick out of reading this because I don't think that they have ever seen these letters.

The weekend is near everyone! ~ENJOY!~


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