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Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Week three...

The weekend was very relaxing and refreshing. Among the highlights was capturing this shot of Ella at her most inquisitive. I just love how she cocks her head to one side when she looks at me. She sometimes twists her neck so she's looking at you upside down. Who knows why...

Sunday was spent experimenting in the kitchen. I had thawed out some chicken on Thursday and it needed to be cooked so I decided to make Cocovan (Baked chicken in a red wine sauce) I'd never made it before. But decided it was time for a challenge. The sauce takes about an hour and 10 minutes to make properly. It has to be reduced. Well I must say it came out very nice. X liked it. I think he did. Well, later that night some friends from out of town came in and I thought I'd make some more. I'd try and do it all over again ... A sort of quick version, but with no mushrooms. I think it came off okay. But the full hour and 10 minutes is the key to making a really good sauce. I'll be making it again, I loved it and how it smelled while cooking.

It's now afternoon on Monday and I need to get moving for work.

Here's to a fabulous day!

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